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Monday, November 29, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Jewelry Photography

Before listing these post earrings in my shop, I took various different photos of them. For this shot, I used a light box lit with daylight lamps. In the background is part of a picture frame I had taken apart and painted white. I've also used a couple of different light-colored papers as backdrops. I like the look of almost white backgrounds with texture, so that's what I've been working with lately. My camera is set to super-macro and I adjusted the aperture setting to get this dreamy, romantic look. My light box isn't all that strongly lit, so the next step was to increase the lighting and contrast before including them in my listing.

I decided to photograph these earrings on a mannequin to show how beautifully they fall and give buyers an idea of what they look like when worn. I first set up my backdrop to get the camera to the right height (I only have a small stand, which is fine for taking shots of jewelry lying down, but isn't high enough to get a good shot of earrings when they are displayed on my fairly tall mannequin.) I improvised by attaching a piece of fabric to a wire shelf with clothes pegs and positioning my camera on top of a sewing basket, a stack of books and a supply order shipment that just came in.

And here's the finished product!


  1. these are absolutely gorgeous!!

    I would have defintely purchased them if I could afford it. My savings would be gone within minutes if I had a credit's good thing I don't!!

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment, Annabelle!