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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Garden

The front of our property gets a lot more sun than the back, so this year we planted our vegetables there. We're pushing social convention by doing so, but were encouraged by the fact that several of our neighbors have put vegetables in their front yards as well. The stunning colors of this kale really brighten up our property - it's one of the most beautiful plants in the garden right now!
Miniature rose
I wouldn't plant industrial-style rows of monoculture crops - I still want the garden to look pretty, but I like that it's providing us with food as well. And I'm happy to see that the idea of what's aesthetically pleasing in a suburban garden seems to be evolving into something more interesting.
Much to our surprise, our two kale plants changed colors differently in the fall. This pristine white is gorgeous against the darker green, and the delicate pink in the middle provides a subtle, pretty touch of color.

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