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Monday, November 8, 2010

Montreal Gem and Mineral Show

 I went to the Montreal Gem and Mineral Show this past weekend. In other years, I've found the sheer size of it overwhelming, but this time it seemed just right. I paced myself, relaxed into the chaos of it all, and left feeling enriched and inspired.

Table after table was filled with the most gorgeous array of beads and gemstones.

druzy / rhodochrosite / biwa pearls / vesuvianite
I do most of my buying on-line, so it's always a treat to be able to see and touch stones before making a purchase. I tried to talk myself out of the gorgeous druzy you see pictured here, but kept coming back to it  before finally giving in to temptation! I've always loved rhodochrosite and couldn't resist these Biwa pearls - they are some of the longest and most elegant I've ever seen. And the vesuvianite is so pretty, and mined right here in Quebec.

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