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Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Garden This Week

There's been a completely abnormal amount of rain in Montreal this summer, so it's been hard to get out into my garden all that much. I still managed to snap a few photos, though.

I planted lots of lavender, and there's more every year.
Bee Balm. The hummingbirds love this one!
I'm partial to blues, purple and pinks so all the flowers I planted myself (except a few yellows that were mislabeled at the nursery) are in those colors. We also have some yellow flowers from the previous owners, and while I love a cohesive palette (see my treasuries on Etsy!), I can't bring myself to pull out beautiful flowers. So the black-eyed Susans get to stay, and I'll try to snap some pics of them later in the summer when they're in bloom.

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