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About Zhivana Designs

Hi, I'm Louise and I live in Montreal with my partner, Keith. I launched Zhivana Designs, my jewelry business, in 2007, and it's been an amazing ride so far. Ever since my days as a fashion marketing assistant, I always wanted to start my own little business, and Zhivana Designs is the fulfillment of that dream. Who knew way back then that I'd be selling online and shipping my jewelry all over the world?

I studied metalsmithing in San Francisco and Montreal, and continue to learn on my own. I work partly on a table in a converted closet, and partly on an old oak desk that Keith upcycled into a jeweler's workbench for me.

I also write music, or at least I did - it's been awhile now. I have some vague ideas about starting up again and posting a few snippets on my blog. But we'll see...

Since starting to sell online, I've been learning more about photography - another long-standing dream. After dropping my old camera, I upgraded to a Canon T3 and it's amazing - I'm thinking now that I should have dropped the other one a lot earlier!

Photos on this blog are a mix of my own and others'. I always link back when posting other people's images, and hope you will do the same if you'd like to use some of mine. Please let me know if you'd like your photos removed from my blog.

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